CCE LTER Photo GalleriesBelow is the set of CCE Photo Gallery collections. The galleries consist of various images from process cruises, meetings, and other activities. There are also maps and graphics available for download.

Process Cruise P1604

El Nino Rapid Response Cruise

Process cruise 2014

aboard the R/V Melville

Education, Outreach and Capacity Building

EOCB activities within the CCE LTER program

Process Cruise Group Photos

Members of each CCE LTER Process Cruises through the years

CCE LTER Group Photos

CCE participants (most, not all) in the LTER program over the years

Grad student/Post-doc Symposiums

Graduate student/Post-doc symposiums have been held nearly every other year since 2008 - CCE, SBC and MCR LTER sites.


SEAPLEX Expedition, Cruise P0908

Process Cruise 2012

Process Cruise 2011

Process Cruise 2011 photos

Student Cruise 2009

Student Process Cruise 2009

Process Cruise 2008

CCE Maps & Graphics

Process Cruise 2007

Process Cruise 2007 photos - equipment, research, life at sea, scientists!

Process Cruise 2007 - Picture of the Day

Process Cruise 2007 - Picture of the Day

Plankton Microscopy

Epifluorescent microscopy of plankton

Marine Mammals - Southern California

Marine mammals found throughout Southern California

2006 Process Cruise

On board the R/V Knorr: photos of equipment, techniques, personnel, and ship life from Process Cruise P0605.

2005 Annual Meeting

Participants and presentations of the CCE LTER core elements, 2005.